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The PyGirls initiative gives girls aged 12 – 18 the opportunity to explore the world of programming in a playful way, and even more important in a safe environment with other girls. They learn Python, one of the most powerful programming languages, and receive a diploma after each year of lessons.

During the course we show them inspirational women in science, and they will get to learn the #1 programming language Python.

What’s in it for the PyGirls?

PyGirls is the place for you because PyGirls introduces you to the world of the #1 programming language, Python. Not only will you find out that the world's most popular websites and apps like Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat only work because of Python. But there’s more: As a programming language, Python is both simple and effective, making it a great choice for beginners. What you learn with us will be useful to you for years to come!

Ok, that might be true, but why should you choose our sessions? Well, because we start every PyGirls session with an inspiring woman in tech and how she got there. But most importantly, you will get to know Python in a safe environment, with other girls, and in a fun a playful way.

Who knows? You might make friends for life!


For centuries, women have made important contributions to the sciences, but in many cases, it took far too long for their discoveries to be recognized — if acknowledged at all.

All too often, books and academic courses that explore the history of science neglect the remarkable, groundbreaking women who changed the world.

We would like to change that by highlighting several inspirational women in science:


We are a team of BCG volunteers and university students who are excited about giving girls the opportunity to learn how to code and get excited about science and technology

One of our PyGirls founders.

Jeff Nicholas

Ione Pla works as a Consultant at BCG in Zurich and was one of the few women of her class who decided to study engineering. Ione can’t wait to inspire our next generation of women to go into engineering or other technical studies.

Ione Pla
Klara Frey

Rachel loves to inspire girls and to introduce them to the world of coding. Rachel is one of our moderators for our PyGirls sessions. When dialing in online, it’s Rachel who welcomes our PyGirls in their weekly session.

Rachel Johson

Leonora Cottiati works at BCG in Zurich as Head of Recruiting in Switzerland and has always been interested in coding. She is one of our devoted PyGirls trainers and is looking forward to meeting you during our sessions!

Loeonora cottati

Ines Scholtes works as an Associate at BCG in Zurich and is one of the first contributors to PyGirls. She loves seeing our PyGirls’ weekly progression and to see how much fun they have!

Ines Scholtes
Trainer Manager
Sam Jenkins
Armin Topic
Curriculum & Tech

Once you register on the link, you will be invited to the program. Every week, you will join a Zoom (online) call for an hour, where we will learn Python . This will go during the whole school year, and you will get a certificate at the end of the year. You can then continue for up to three years if you want. We are excited to welcome you to the program!

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I still have questions. How can I reach you?

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